Friday, 22 June 2012


Hello Everyone.

Thank-you to those of you who have left comments since my last post.
I am OK thanks & i have not been told not to carry on with the blog.

I meant to make a post over a week ago but have been a bit busy with different things.
the reason why i have not put any new pictures of the food which i serve at the Private school i work at is because i have shown all four weeks of our menu. so the post would only be the same again.
I am currently compiling my new Menu's for the new term in September this year and so i will show you all with new Photo's etc.

In the mean time i do some work at Emirates Stadium & Wembley. if i get a chance i will post some Photos of the food we prepare there but please remember this will not be a comparison to school foods.

Lastly i would like to add that when i started this Blog, it was because of the Food that Veg (Martha) was showing on her school food Blog. I felt it was appalling and so thought i would post my own pictures on my blog. Some people have said how can i compare mine which is a private school to that of a state school when the food budget is entirely different. 
My budget is about 40p more than most state schools but i serve 3 courses as opposed to 2. 
i am only trying to show what can be achieved with a little thought and imagination. Yes i am a trained Chef so i have an advantage but there is plenty of information and recipes which can be adapted to school lunches. I work for a company which provides meals in state schools & Private schools and the principle is the same to all the schools. Fresh & Healthy food for all children. I dont feel that it is the cooks at Martha's school (or other schools) fault, they just need to be given more help & Guidance from their managers. Communication is the key. we have Meetings with the Children & the Parents to find out what they would like to eat (within reason) and from there we compile our Menu's giving a mixed balance of food which they like and what the parents would like them to eat. This is not always achievable but we do our best. 


Friday, 8 June 2012

Thursday 7th June 2012

Today's Menu

Curried Parsnip Soup

Sweet & Sour Chicken 
Long Grain Rice

Laughing Cow Cheese Spread 
Jacobs Cracker

Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Fresh Fruit & Yoghurt Available

This is the start of the soup, Onions, Carrots, Celery & Parsnips with Curry Powder.

This is the veg for the Sweet & Sour Chicken. 

Above is the veg sweating down before the rest of the ingredients are added.

Below are the Dishes as they where served

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday 6th June 2012

Today's Menu

Melon Duo
 ( Honey Dew & Cantaloupe Melon)

Chicken Sausages In Gravy
Mashed Potato
Baked Beans 

Toffee Flavoured Yoghurt

Fresh Fruit Also Available

Our School was closed on Friday as well as the bank Holiday Monday & Tuesday, hence the reason for no post's.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday 31st May 2012

Today i have decided to do my blog a little different.

Today's Menu.

Cucumber & Tomato Salad with optional Dressing
Chicken Strips with Tomatoes & Basil In a Pesto Sauce
Fusilli Pasta
Green Beans & Sweetcorn
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Topping

Veggie Option
Baked Flat Mushroom with Tomatoes & Pesto Sauce

Fresh Fruit & Yoghurt also available.

So that the Menu for today but i thought i would take some pics of some of the food being prepared.

Below is a picture of the Chicken in trays. Here i have added fresh Tomato wedges, sliced Onion, Fresh Basil, Garlic Puree, Olive Oil & seasoning.

This is the Chicken all mixed up. After this i baked it in the oven at about 180 degrees for about 20 Mins 

I made the Pesto sauce separate and when the chicken was cooked i poured it over and mixed it in a Bit
I served this with Fusilli Pasta, I added Beetroot powder to the water which gave it a bit of a pink look. It is not a dye. its is made from fresh Beetroot which has been dried and Ground into a powder. 

Below is a picture of the Flat Mushrooms for the Vegetarians, I have poured Chopped Tomatoes over with Some Dried Basil & Drizzled some Olive oil as well. I then Baked them in the Oven.
I then Poured The pesto sauce over them once they where cooked.

And so Finally we have pictures of what the two dished looked like once served to the Children. 
These Portions Sizes are for 8 to 10 Yr Olds. 

Hope this is of interest to people out there .........

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Today's Menu

Creamy Carrot Soup
Roast Pork, Baton Carrots & Roast Potatoes
Fromage Frais

Fresh Fruit also available.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29th May 2012

Today's Menu

Cheese Baton with Apple Wedges
Daube of Beef with Tagliatelle & Green Beans
Chocolate Sponge & Vanilla Custard

The Daube of Beef is a French Stew traditionally the Beef is braised in red wine. I only put a little red wine in mine and cook the alcohol out and then add beef stock and simmer on the stove for 4 hours. There is plenty of baby onions & fresh herbs to add flavour as well as Bay leafs.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday 28th May 2012

Today's Menu

Couscous Salad
Home Made Pizza with Pepperoni
Mixed Salad, French Dressing Optional.
Toffee Yoghurt

Veggie Option was Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Fresh Fruit Available as well.