Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday 18th May

On Today's Menu We Have,

Egg Mayonnaise
Pan-fried Salmon with Lemon & Tomato
Creamed Mashed Potatoes
Vichy Carrots
Strawberry Jelly or Fromage Frais

The Veggie Option is a Vegetable Strudel on a Tomato Sauce

I have included a picture of the Fruits which we offer as well.


  1. What a difference to State school dinners.

  2. would you mind if i asked for the what is the recipe for the vegetable strudel? it sounds great and i'm always looking for dishes to give my daughter

  3. All i did was thinly slice some veg, Carrots, Courgettes, Red Peppers & red Onions. Stir-fried them quickly then added some mixed beans and a little seasoning.
    Laid out Three sheets of Filo pastry on top of each other (spread a little melted butter between each layer to help stick together). Lay the cooked veg onto leaving about an inch on the sides, then roll up like a Swiss roll. Put a little melted butter on the top to give some colour and bake in the oven till golden and crispy.