Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday 16th May

So today we have,

Leek & Potato Soup
Roast Leg of Pork, Boiled Potatoes & Green Beans.
Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Cake.

It should have been Roast Potatoes but as i am waiting for an engineer to come and fix my main oven i had to do boiled.

The Vegetarian Option was Vegetable Sausages in Gravy & Roasted Chicken Thigh for the Non Pork eaters.

As always Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt also available.
I should also mention we always have some form of bread every day. Mostly Sliced Baguette but we do change it some times to suit the dish.


  1. Is this at the school where Martha is a pupil? If so, it's a GREAT improvement.

  2. P.S. You don't say how much the pupils pay for this lunch.

    1. Hi, No i am not the school where Martha is.
      The Pupils do not pay on a daily basis, the meals are paid for by the parents per term

    2. So how much per term? / number of meals per term. Looks miles better than NeverSeconds' meals

  3. i Feed 300 pupils per day & have a budget of £1:44 to spend per child. This includes 3 courses plus Bread, Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt everyday.

  4. Well, if you can provide meals like this for £1.44, then Martha's school (NeverSeconds) should easily be able to do at least as well for £2 per child, especially as it's not in London where everything seems to be more expensive.
    Well done you!!

  5. £1.44 is what i get, but i know the parents pay more than that out of which we have to take various overheads. If the kids at Martha's school are paying £2.00 i would expect that the cook gets about 87p-95p per child which is about the norm for state schools in the UK. but saying that her meals are still of poor quality.